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On the morning of December 20, 1973, ETA assassinated Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco. At about 9:27, Spain entered a new historical phase, commonly known as the Transition.

Último Asunto poses a journey through time, a dialogue between past and present. Through the daily life of the image, an approximation is established to the day that the historical event took place, reconstructing the social landscape of the time.

The historical fact is mixed with the daily ones, the official history that is given to us and the microhistory that make up the inconsequential facts.

LAST SUBJECT . Jose Migoya

Rustic binding with three screws

ISBN 978-84-09-14311-5

EAN 9788409143115

Pages 40

Autoeditados Publishing House

Year 2019

Language Spanish, English

Print run 500

Design underbau

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