Versus . David Jiménez

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Fourteen years after the publication of Infinito, Editorial RM presents versus, the new project in the form of a photobook that David Jiménez (Sevilla, 1970) began to produce at the same time as the first one, and that has matured throughout all these years.

The book is composed of two volumes, one black and one white, which complement and intertwine with subtle visual resonances to create an indivisible unity. The core of the project is precisely that network of flashes of light and darkness that trace the pattern of a path that forks into two parallel paths. In the imaginary space that opens up between them the true meaning of the journey to which the reader has been invited is revealed.

Although the book contains images taken over 20 years in 19 different countries, they all belong to the same territory halfway between the real and the imaginary, the abstract universe in which the author usually works. The images it contains, deliberately far from the narrative, explore the limits of visual perception and transport us to an uncertain territory where we only have our intuition to guide us through its pages.

Versus . David Jimenez


Hard paste (2 volumes)

188 pages

126 photographs

17 × 22.5 cm

Design: David Jiménez

Bilingual edition

ISBN RM Verlag: 978-84-15118-90-9

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