Vámonos . Bernard Plossu



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Vámonos ! is a photographic tour of Mexico through the eye of Bernard Plossu and gathers the testimony of his four trips around the country during the years 1965-1966, 1970, 1974 and 1981.

This compilation of an essential part of Plossu's work, co-published with the Televisa Foundation, shows a register of landscapes, hinted at and suggested, which is a consequence of his peculiar method of working: walking, looking, and then photographing.

The publication, which is very well edited with a cardboard canvas cover, includes a selection of over three hundred photographs accompanied by texts by Salvador Albiñana, Emmanuel Guigon, Guillermo Samperio, Claude Nori and Osvaldo Sánchez.

Let's go... Bernard Plossu in Mexico ,1965-1981

ISBN 84-15832-58-3

33 cm.

Pages 336 p.

Turner Publicaciones, S.L.

Hard cover

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