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Smuggler and explorer, Antoine Gonin loves to show what he finds on his routes. After his project on industrial France, after Aeronautic Europe, Gonin shows France’s most emblematic landscapes with a contemporary regard, the wager of an amateur landscape nomad. Even if the landscape is the sole good work of the nomad, it is a good of immense proportions, variable with every change in point of view. Inexhaustible… for those who know how to look. The good is accessible to every one who is atleast seven years of age. Jean Piaget showed us that. In displacement, in changing point of view, by experiencing successive views, children of this age begin to construct by thelselves an alignment of objects in space. What we might call the pastoral experience. But not everyone has the thirst to see their country. Exploring landscape of other horizons, of other heavens, in the quest to find oneself, can go far, very far and it demands patience. The tour de France can become the tour de force if we measure ourselves against a hundred mythic places charged with symbolism. It would have taken him 8 years of research, mearing major sites, the ones we call the great landscapes of France, and to steal the photos he shares with us today. From sky to sky, horizon to horizon, he walks a lot, climbs and descends, searches for his point of view, finds it by accident, when the heavens allow, when he can finally seize the fluidities, the voluptuousness. So, he knows how to hear the clouds, the opera that soars above, the orchestra below, norming fog, quail duvets,  goosedown, grand draping night, inchoate clouds, sepia bones elongated by tailwinds, cumulus pushed by the black Autan wind, fragmented in the Soulaire Champenois, lifted up by the Arouergue or swept by the Tramontane and the sombre wind, stratus in the Galerne, vapor of two refrigerator towers, leaving the Saint-Lauerent-des Eux nuclear center, to lick the naked ocean. Each image speaks of a piece of France in its atmospheric relation to the world. « It’s a long story » says the author, before immediately countering « these are short stories ». For the story, that must literally be read, a few words suffice. The story unfolds and witholds. The story is in the image. Each pages throws the windows wide open, Really, each of Antoine Gonin’s works invents a place, a story, a dream. Not a soul in his landscapes, with the exception of two fisherman on Lake Bouchet. Yet, his phtographs are full of soul and confirms the question : the spirit of a place ? behind the objective lens and in our hands.

Antoine Gonin    Horizons

Photographs by Antoine Gonin

Preface by Michel Racine

108 back & white photographs

format 35 x 27 cm

208 pages

printed in bichrome

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