PING PONG . Alec Soth



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“Ping-pong is a life style, a training in attention, a diversion, a mad passion and a way of not taking anything important too seriously and taking some tiny things much too seriously.” – Pico Iyer

“Ideally, the last picture in this book would show me pumping my fist in brutish victory.” – Geoff Dyer

For several years, Alec Soth has combined his passion for both table tennis and photography by collecting vernacular ping-pong photographs. With this publication, Soth asked Geoff Dyer and Pico Iyer, writers and fellow table tennis enthusiasts, to respond to these pictures by engaging in a kind of literary ping-pong match.

PING PONG . Alec Soth

Little Brown Mushroom Pages: 46

Format: Hardback 1st edition

Edition of 1000 copies. Out of print.

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