Aquí, tan lejos . Pentti Sammallahti



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A retrospective of work spanning almost fifty years of photographic activity Pentti Sammallahti in different countries.

Photographic Images that lie outside of time and capture the great mysteries that life offers to the curious: love , death , spirituality and nature , among others.

A commitment to see how many wonderful things are spread before our eyes : majestic landscapes , diversity of animals , people who strive or fragile earth , to focus on the collapse of the great work of God, but without an insistent pathos.


The beginning of the book presents us with the myth. A wet planet guide us on the water. Still powerful images of nature in which land , water and air elements engage in a universal struggle for mastery of balance. Then , the photographer presents Kalmykia in Russia : an endless steppe on which guesses that the power and frequency of storms have made its inhabitants buried their homes. And so , his photographs take us on an interesting journey made with a careful selection of topics end to some of the last refuges of the world , from Finland to India, from Italy to Morocco, from Wales to Nepal, to landscapes whose power and mystery seem to challenge our right to be there.


Despite the importance of this work, the title chosen by the photographer for this book suggests the paradox that photography always presents the here and now : an encounter between the artist and the viewer in an exhibition or page a book. Thus Sammallahti stands , with its images , regardless of time and captures the fundamental existential concepts speaks because he prefers not display

Aquí , tan lejos . Pentti Sammallahti

Photographs of the years 1964-2011

ISBN: 978-84-9801-657-4

256 pgs.

30 x 24 cm

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