A BLACK MATTER . Grégoire Eloy



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A Black Matter is a journey through the worlds of astrophysics by photographer Grégoire Eloy. In 2010 he was given a five month assignment by F93, a cultural centre in Seine Saint-Denis (France), to propose a personal vision of the scientists, the laboratories and machines involved in the search for dark matter, an unknown, missing matter that would account for 75% of the total matter in Universe.

"It is like reading a detective story following Grégoire Eloy tracking what’s going on in the corridors of astrophysics. It is as unpredictable as the scientists’ research on how it all began. No clues or evidences are presented. It is a matter of thesis, mathematics and beliefs.» Gösta Flemming / Journal

"The project developed between F93 and the photographer Grégoire Eloy was driven by the desire to shake up the way we see science and to use photography to reach out and 'touch' it. Through Eloy’s camera, astrophysics is once again seen to be astoundingly plural, particularly through a mass of details that we had ceased to notice, accustomed as we are to classify, sort and pinpoint what science is all about. Aware of the powerful forces of transformation in the work of some photographers, F93 wanted A Black Matter to be a reminder that 'scientific and technical imagery', as presented by research institutions and the specialist press, is not the only picture." Marc Boissonnade / F93

A BLACK MATTER . Grégoire Eloy

ISBN 978-91-980405-1-7

Journal / F93, 2012

Clothbound hardcover

104 pp., 74 colour and black & white illustrations

24 x 30 cm

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