René Burri . Blackout New York



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In 1965 the northeast of America experienced a blackout that lasted up to 12 hours in some places. It put millions of people in the condition to discover darkness again. In New York, the vertical city, lifts didn’t work, candles and flashlights become precious and the only lights in the streets were the car headlamps and the lighting inside the buses.

René Burri went in the street for a visual adventure: the “writing with light” without light. He follows the events, with eight rolls of 35mm film. Without a flash. Using only the scarcely available light. Burri's photo series is not a report in the traditional sense. More a meditation on light, or rather the lack of it.

René Burri – Blackout New York

9. November 1965. Hans-Michael Koetzle. München 2009. 24.7 x 34.2 cm. Hardcover. Text: English, French. Moser Verlag. ISBN 9783981234459. art-12007 

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