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He is a founding photographer of the agency NOPHOTOTO, coordinator of PROYECTA (an independent initiative that uses projection as a way of disseminating the work of young authors), professor at the EFTI International Master of Photography and editorial director of the PHREE project. He has had group and individual exhibitions in Madrid (Escaparate de San Pedro 2003, Matadero Madrid 2007, Instituto Cervantes 2008, CaixaForum 2010, Tabacalera 2010), Barcelona (Centre Cultural Fundació La Caixa 2001), Valencia (Museu de Historia de Valencia 2005), Vitoria (KREA-Periscopio 2007), Cuenca (Fundación Antonio Pérez 2010), Euskadi (SestaoPhoto, 2011) Bordeaux-France (Festival des Itineraires de Photographes Voyageurs 2002), Toulouse-France (Instituto Cervantes 2009), Manchester and London-UK (Instituto Cervantes 2009), Bari-Italia (Pinacoteca Provinziale 2006), Rome-Italy (Instituto Cervantes 2009), Beirut-Libano (Instituto Cervantes 2003), Mexico D.F. Mexico (Centro Cultural de España 2008), Sao Paulo-Brazil (Centro Cultural de España 2008), Miami (Centro Cultural de España 2009) and Valparaíso-Chile (Forum de las Culturas 2010).

He is currently developing two other personal projects of a very different nature: He is now working on the book edition of three personal projects: NORAY. LA ANCHA FRONTERA (1999-2009), a personal approach to the Mediterranean Sea, UN LUGAR DE LA MANCHA (2006-2011), about his memory of the territory from which his whole family is originally born and SALITRE (2009-2011), a project that has received a HELP FOR CULTURAL PROJECTS OF SOCIAL IMPACT from the La Caixa Foundation and which consists of a unique experience of creation and edition shared with the Senegalese inhabitants of a houseboat in Madrid.

NORAY Juan Valbuena (French edition)


Book of journeys along the Wide Border, a territory that coincides, approximately, with the Mediterranean Sea

21x16,5 cm Hard Cover with dust jacket

128 pp. 

Written by Juan Valbuena

Publishing House: Juan Valbuena / PHREE + UCA

ISBN 978-84-940288-0-9 600 copies


1. Sea. Post, bollard or anything used to secure the moorings of boats.

2. Minimum possible port

3. Juan Valbuena's favorite word

4. Book of journeys along the Wide Border, a territory that coincides approximately with the Mediterranean Sea

5. Not only photographic exhibition that can be seen in La Kursala de Cádiz from July 3, 2012, in an exhibition organized by the University Extension Service of the Vice-rectorate of Social, Cultural and International Projection of the University of Cadiz. 

Juan Valbuena studied Theoretical Physics at the UAM, but he has always dedicated himself to photography.

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