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Paco Gómez (Pamplona 1918 - Madrid 1998) was one of the most outstanding photographers of the Afal Group (1956/1963) and of the so-called Madrid School, which undertook a major renovation of Spanish photography in the 1960s. Paco Gómez's work, both thematically and formally coherent, has a genuine imprint that distinguishes it from that of any other photographer of his generation. We could define him as the poet of walls, traces, naked spaces and small objects. His observation of the world is based on a sensitivity that is well rooted in reality, but transcendent and charged with symbolic meaning.


This book has been published as part of an exhibition at the Foto Colectania Foundation in Barcelona, which has been the custodian, manager and disseminator of this author's archive since 2001. It is the result of intense research by the curator and specialist in Spanish photography, Laura Terré, and includes, together with the author's best-known works, some unpublished ones. This publication aims to go one step further in the study of the photography of Paco Gómez, a little-known author in relation to its capital importance for both Spanish and international photography.

Paco Gomez. Photographs


Laura Terré

RM + Foto Colectania Foundation, Barcelona

Hard paste

160 pages

73 pictures

24 x 32 cm

Bilingual Edition

ISBN: 978-84-92480-99-9

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