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“Glass Strenči” is a book about what was possibly the most visually documented settlement in interwar Europe.

The creative collective “Orbita” in colaboration with photography editor Anna Volkova and designer Alexey Murashko has published a new book of photographs called “Glass Strenči” which contains an extensive selection of images from the archives of a photography studio in a Latvian town Strenči (now the archive is in the collection of the Latvian Museum of Photography). The book includes an essay by historian Kirill Kobrin.

The photographs created by the founder of the studio Dāvis Spunde, and his successors the Krauklis family, show a period in history when the Latvian nation was beginning to form after the newly acquired independence; they describe the daily life of the Latvian province hidden from “Big History” and, of course, the technical progress, which slowly but steadily changed the local life.

Stikla Strenči / Glass Strenči



Second Print
Limited edition of 400 copies
Soft cover
240x330 mm
204 pages
ISBN 978-9934-591-00-6

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