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Tyre Choice Is a term mostly used in the world of motor racing. To make the right tyre choice for the circumstances – at the right time – is essential for success. It can make the difference between winning and being lapped by the winner.

Choosing Tyres [chü-ziŋ tʃɔɪs] choosing the ‘right’ tyres. Different tyres can be right for different purposes. For instance, the American artist Robert Rauschenberg choose a high profile cross-ply tyre to fit around a goat in his installation “Monogram” from 1955–1959.

Getting Tyred [gä-tən tajɚd] having the tyres fitted by someone else. If “tire”, the American spelling of tyre, beware of misunderstanding.

Photographs made between 1962 and 2016 in Sweden, Mongolia, USA, Japan, Spain and Germany.

The extent of its special edition and the amount of images is an homage to the 107% rule, which indicates that twenty four cars can take the start of a Formula 1® race, and the fact that each driver was limited to twelve laps per qualifying session, traditionally before 1996.

First edition of 400 copies, numbered. Special edition of 24 copies + 3 Artist Proofs, numbered, in paperboard slipcase, screen printed in black, with signed silver gelatin print. Choice of 2 prints — 12 copies of each print.

Gerry Johansson . Tyre Choice

24,5 cm x 30,5 cm. 36 pages. 24 duotone plates. Duotone offset printed paperbound hardcover. Linen thread bound. Authentic tip-in image on front cover with typography in white foil. Spine text in white foil and blind embossed illustration on back cover.

ISBN 978–91–88113–07–8

Published in 2017.

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