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“It’s a wonderful, very personal work, almost an elegy.  Details from life, not of theory. Perhaps this is old fashioned,  but 'true to life' is still, to my mind, the highest accomplishment.”
- Emmet Gowin

“With a profoundly tender eye and an unerring acuity of detail, The Locusts reminds of this - that while life is, life goes away.” - Katrin Koenning

“Turning the pages is like moving through tall grass at dusk, a mix of trepidation and wonder. “
- Jack Woody

“The scenes look very surreal. The pictures were taken with a sympathetic and intimate eye. The perspective of the people and the landscapes are incredibly exquisite.”
- Takayuki Ishii, Taka Ishii gallery

The Locusts is the first monograph by photographer and publisher Jesse Lenz. His images transport the reader to rural Ohio where his children run wild in the fields, build forts in the attic, and fall asleep surrounded by lightsabers and superheroes. The microcosmic worlds of plants, insects, animals, and children create a brooding landscape where dichotomies of nature play out in front of his growing family. The backyard becomes a labyrinth of passages as the children experience the cycles of birth and death in the changing seasons. The Locusts depicts a world in which beautiful and terrible things will happen, but offers grace and healing within the brokenness and imperfection of life.

Jesse Lenz (1988, Montana) is a self-taught photographer and multidisciplinary artist. As an illustrator he has created images for the most well-respected publications around the world, including TIME, The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and many others. He is the founder and director of Charcoal Book Club  and the Chico Hot Springs Portfolio Review. From 2011-2018 he also co-founded and published The Collective Quarterly and The Coyote Journal. He lives on a farm in rural Ohio.

The Locusts .  Jesse Lenz


 Embossed linen with tip-in image

    9.75 x 12.25

    144 pages


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