If You Have a Secret . Irina Popova


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A haunting and deeply personal collection of photographs and poems from Irina Popova’s life in Russia before her departure to Holland in 2009, If You Have A Secret invites the viewer to play a game. The game of secrets unearths memories buried in childhood homes and under skin to tell a harrowing story of life and family in a crumbling Soviet Union. This artist book weaves the intimate nature of its poems with the landscape of scenes from Russia’s proletariat. Certainly each photograph is story, both inviting and grim, pieced together with only the notion that the human experience is comprised of shared suffering, joy and secrets beneath every surface.

If You Have a Secret . Irina Popova

The second version of the photo book "If You Have a Secret" by Irina Popova, published in August 2017 by Dostoevsky Publishing (Amsterdam)

printed at A4 ofset, Istanbul.

Edition of 400 English + 100 Russian copies, all numbered and signed.

Size - 23 x 29 cm

Weight 750 gr

128 photo pages + 64 text pages.

The second version has a different design, double-folded "secret" pages, and other features. The photos are only 75% the same with previous edition, and the texts are re-vised and re-edited.

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