Takuma Nakahira 1000



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The 1000 photos in Takuma Nakahira 1000 were selected from black & white photographs discovered during preparations for the exhibition “Takuma Nakahira: Degree Zero - Yokohama” at the Yokohama Museum of Art in 2003 — all of them of cars and vehicles, shot in a frantic, almost accidental manner.

What was it that drew Nakahira to shoot these vehicles over and over?

“I wonder, what did the eyes behind the shutter see? Cars? My guess is that the last thing Takuma Nakahira meant to be doing was photographing cars. Because if he was photographing cars, then those really cannot be anything but car photos.

When I look through the pages of this book, the things I see photographed here refuse words, refuse lyricism, refuse relationships.”

— From Junko Gosho’s essay “Imminent Collapse, Imploding Eyes, Recollection”White Noise


Takuma Nakahira 1000


Publisher: 1000 BUNKO

Book Size 105 x 148 x 65 mm

Pages 1024 

Binding Softcover

Publication Date 2014, first edition

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