Los mundos de TITA . Fabiola Cedillo



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Fabiola Cedillo Crespo, 28, is an Ecuadorian sculptor and photographer. She is currently studying distance learning psychology.

In 2013 he completed the Master Blank Paper Project Development in Madrid. In the same year she was one of the photographers selected for the Granada PA-TA-TA 2013 festival. In 2015 this festival selected her as one of the emerging photographers to be part of the book "Present-Futures".

She was selected by Patry Remy to participate in the residence of the Festival de Photographie de Deauville and for the exhibition of the work "La jourèe" at "PLANCHE(s)CONTACT 2013" in France.

She is one of those selected for the Photography festival "Encontros da imagen" in Braga, as well as a finalist in the "PRIX LE BAL of Talents jeunes creation photographique 2013" in France.

Last year she was awarded the "Fondos Concursables 2015" (Contestable Funds 2015) by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador. With this award he has made his first self-publication, "The Worlds of Tita".

The worlds of TITA . Fabiola Cedillo

Tono Mejuto Edition

Hardcover / 96 pages 21x21 cm

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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