Sohei Nishino . Tokyo



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Since 2003, photographer Sohei Nishino has constructed nearly twenty diorama maps of various cities around the world. Spending months at a time wandering each city, he makes upwards of 10,000 images with his camera, which are then printed and pieced together with meticulous detail on a canvas of several square metres. The result is a visual map of Nishino’s experience of the city. For ‘Diorama Map Tokyo’ (2014), his second of this city, the artist’s completed work reflects the tremendous change it has undergone since ten years prior. This book presents a magnified, dizzying view of the entire work, divided into 496 sections and arranged in a logical horizontal progression.

Sohei Nishino . Tokyo

Paris Photo Aperture Awards shortlist

Publisher Amana

ISBN 9784865872927

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