Illa . Salva López



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in a short period of time, Salva López visited several islands with his partner: Japan, Taiwan, Bali, Komodo, Majorca and Menorca. And, for some reason, after their breakup, he decided to travel on his own to Lanzarote, another island, to shut himself away in his thoughts and photograph the volcanic landscapes as a kind of therapy.

Upon his return, both home and to a broken relationship, Salva decided to capture this duality in book format: the colour photographs of his journeys with his girlfriend, mainly portraits of her, and the great black and white landscapes, barren and heart-breaking.

In order to give this dialogue between colour and black and white photographs the correct shape, Salva contacted young designer Eloi Gimeno. Eloi had the brilliant idea of taking advantage of the uncut bounding folds to trap the images of the woman, while making the images of the landscapes visible, turning the format of the book itself into a metaphor of the memories and of the coexistence of past and present images.

Looking at them all or else leaving the colour ones as mere ghostly images that can be intuited through the paper’s transparency (or lack of it) is up to the reader

Illa . Salva López


320 x 242 mm

33 folded leaflets + 1 centrefold leaflet + 10 pages + covers

Printed in Arcoprint Milk and Creator Gloss papers

Covers printed in Curios Matter Black Truffle with varnish

Thread-sewn and glued bound in black ink

First edition of 750 copies

ISBN 9788494418747

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