Oscurana . Antoine d'Agata



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Edited from a common selection of Antoine d’Agata’s images from Latin America, 7 different books share the same dimensions, title and artistic statement - a text called ‘Oscurana’. The project is done by different invited publishers, that were given the freedom to select the images, the design, the materials, printing and binding techniques.

‘Oscurana’ is a collaborative project developed amongst 6 publishers from different countries. Offering a reflection on the work of the Antoine d'Agata by several countries and publishers, in a dialogue that opens new perspectives in the ways of making photobooks.


For ‘Oscurana’ project, Void proposes a book to be autopsied. The reader will dig in the darkness within Antoine's oeuvre, being themselves, the legists of d'Agata's universe. An investigation from the intimacy, through the narcotic experiences until the darkness of the violence’s banality in America.

Oscurana . Antoine d’Agata

17,4 x 23 cm

120 Pages

500 copies [400 copies + 100 copies sold in an special box for the Oscurana Project]


Portuguese text

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