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The collection of photographs by Anna Gamazo de Abelló was conceived with a double criterion in mind: geographical, covering the Latin American continent and Spain, and chronological, since only photographers with work taken in the 20th and, to a lesser extent, the 21st centuries are represented. 

This book is limited to the Latin American corpus. It is a collection that emulates the diversity of influences to which the regions of the American continent are subjected. The works of Francisco Toledo or Martín Chambi, for example, include the indigenous legacy of Mexico and Peru, the photographs of Argentine Horacio Coppola or Venezuelan Paolo Gasparini, European ancestry, and the reports of José Luis Venegas in Tijuana, the North American influence.


Plastic photography is confused with contemporary art because of its diffusion, its great speed of renewal and the laws of its market. For this reason, rather than attempting to give an account of Latin American plastic photography on its full scale, we have chosen to isolate a small number of artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Milagros de la Torre or Juan Manuel Echavarría, from whom we have gathered significant groups.

Latin American Photography


A selection | a selection (1895-2008) Abelló collection.

Ana Gamazo de Abelló Collection

Hard paste

208 pages

291 pictures

21 x 27 cm

Design: Toluca Studio (Olivier Andreotti)

Bilingual Edition:

ISBN: 978-607-7515-31-9-9

ISBN RMV: 978-84-92480-29-6

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