Ferox – The Forgotten Archives


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Director of EESA Dwight M. Müller established IEMS in 1976 with a distinctly civilian (rather than military) orientation, encouraging peaceful applications in space science. The different National Aeronautics and Space agencies from around the world decided, in secret, to forge an international mission in order to create a peaceful conquest of the Mars surroundings, shifting from individual and separate programs to IEMS in July 29, 1976.

Since that time, most American and European space exploration efforts have been led by NASA, including the Apollo moon-landing missions, the Skylab space station, and later, the Space Shuttle. On the time IEMS existed, was supporting with data the ISST. The agency is also responsible for the Big Data Program (BDP), which provides oversight of galaxy discovery and Big Data calculation for 23 European universities.

Ferox – The Forgotten Archives

336 pages 


Offset printing

Edition of 600

ISBN 978-88-94895-23-0

Shortlisted "Photobook Of the Year" Aperture Paris Photo Book Awards 2018


The Forgotten Archives 


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