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The “Río” Project emerges from the need to record the landscape from a reflexive and an anthropologic point of view. It means a personal search, trying to ascertain in the idea of travelling and the very act of walking. The landscape featured by a river, in which becomes a universal theme. Along a series of hikes, I have been doing in the last four years, always wandering close to rivers, I have been trying to elude myself from reality and think over in this spaces.

I have discovered a space in which man and nature mingle in a very deep, though sometimes not clear, way.

My aim is to observe and deepen my wandering through landscape. This process is a slow one, exploring familiar and passing places I enjoy revisiting. These are visual echoes I wanted to keep in my memory by means of photographing them.

This work refers to the reading of essays and writings by Matsuo Bashõ, William Hazlitt or Robert L. Stevenson. Their thoughts and ideas rose in me the energy to deal with this photographic issue from a contemplative gaze, that helped me to focus and develop this project.


1st Edition, 2017

150 copies (hand-numbered)

20 x 31,5 cm

48 pages

Softcover package (Sewn Singer binding)


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