JOBO 2509n: espiral para placas (max 6 placas)

JOBO 2509n: espiral para placas (max 6 placas)

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JOBO 2509n: espiral para placas10x12 y 9x12 (6 placas máximo en 1 revelado)

Sheet-film reel for the 2500 series of Jobo tanks. This reel holds up to 6 sheets of 9x12 or 4x5" sheet film. The advantage over a standing tank is the more even movement of the chemicals over the film surface and the exact reproducibility of the results. On the other hand, with certain developers you may see a visible gradiant on the film leading up to the edge of the film reel. In this case, a simple tray development or development in a standing tank would be adviseable.