WALLS . Iñigo Beristain

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selfpublished 2013

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INVISIBLE WALLS . Iñigo Beristain


30x19 cm 


64 pax.

Text. Spanish / English / basque

Selfpublished 2013
Text: Mónica Lozano Mata
Edition: Iñigo Beristain y Siete de un Golpe
Desing: Astrolab Studio
Prepress: Victor Garrido
Printed: Grafilur
ISBN: 978-84-616-7659-0


A frontier is a disagreement disguised as an agreement, a hesitation passing as a certainty, a wound which resembles a scar... Frontiers hurt.

There are physical and political frontiers, mythic and psychic frontiers, temporary and ethernal frontiers. Only geographical borders seem to proudly defend their condition of powerful and historical barriers: the Caucasus the Sahara, the Himalayas, the Gobi, the Pyrenees.. Mythical frontiers also remain : the East and the West continue two sell exotic trips, relentlessly. Although political frontiers are those most talked about; they come and go, like the tide. Political frontiers, controversial frontiers. Theu make haedlines and influence films. But those frontiers, drawn up on enormous maps by powerful men in remote offices define and contain the identities of mankind, or, at least, they try to.