The Pigs . Carlos Spottorno

The Pigs . Carlos Spottorno

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kehrer 2017

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Max Eicke . Dominas

Max Eicke . Dominas

PVC-Flexcover screen-print 26 x 34 cm 96 pages 48 color and b/w illustrations English Available ISBN 978-3-86828-746-2 2016

Max Eicke

Statements selected and edited by Max Eicke,Max Eicke, Lisa-Katharina Förster, Karin Kontny

Cedric Vilim

"It was an experiment with an uncertain outcome when the Londonbased photographer began to shoot portraits of German dominatrixes. He strove to explore the boundaries between the interior and the exterior: What is a mask? What is real? How much veracity is there in the way the women present themselves – beyond glaring red lips and a stern gaze? The results are portraits of strong personalities and wounded souls, of dedication and business acumen, of great empathy and lurid coldness." (Tobias Schmitz, Stern)

For his project, Max Eicke (b. 1990) juxtaposed his photographs with excerpts from conversations and found footage from the Internet, thus questioning the mechanisms of perception in the digital age and, with this, investigating how our society deals with clichéd images. His works have been published in numerous magazines and presented in various exhibitions, most recently at the Photo London, the PhotoIreland, the Fotobookfestival in Kassel, the Encontros da Imagem in Braga and at Lothringer 13 in Munich. Texts (statements) selected and edited by Max Eicke, Lisa-Katharina Förster, Karin Kontny.

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